Healthy Eating at The Russell Restaurant

Eating out should be a pleasure, something you look forward to & enjoy.

Here at The Russell we have worked on our menus to cater for the shift in peoples demand for healthy choices. Our floor team can help assist you & guide you through the many options we have available – from our ‘healthy option’ dishes on our Specials Boards (please see samples below) to making small changes to your meal.

An example of whats available

  • All our soups & sauces are gluten free.
  • A range of gluten free breads, tortilla wraps & pastas.
  • Brown rice, side salad & sweet potato are an additional option to compliment your meal.
  • Coconut oil can be used on request
  • A large selection of low fat dressings eg ; Lemon oil, balsamic, chilli oil etc
  • Gluten & dairy free ice cream available

Sample of some healthy options available on our ‘Specials Boards’

Quinoa Salad with mango, cranberry & broccoli with zesty maple & orange dressing

Grilled Tiger Prawns in a lemongrass, ginger, coriander & fresh chilli broth served with gluten free rice noodles & garnished with sesame seeds.

Oaty Banana Pancakes (made with buckwheat) topped with fresh strawberries, drizzled with mayple syrup & served with crème fresh

At The Russell Restaurant we take an exciting approach to making healthy food taste delicious!